Songs of a Burning Heart

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Songs of a Burning Heart is an expression of the reality that flows from deep within three artists, whose passion is unified around the person of Jesus Christ, but is diverse in its representation. Born in the place of prayer, the poems and prose, the artwork and the music form a sharp arrow that will pierce deep into the hearts of those who encounter this work. The purpose is to bring honor to the name of Jesus through the melding together of artistic media presented in a most beautiful way.

"Gary Wiens has discovered a wonderful part of God's gifting to him in the area of writing poetry. With passion and artistry, Gary expresses the beauty and emotion of the human heart in the place of longing after the Person of God. His poems have stirred the hearts of many, and together with Ruth's music and David's artwork, I am convinced that Songs of a Burning Heart will be a significant voice calling forth the arts to be restored to the house of the Lord, where they belong."- Mike Bickle, Director of International House of Prayer, Kansas City.

A musical CD is enclosed with the book.