Since moving to Maine in 2011 the primary focus of my work has shifted to landscapes, inspired by the beauty of the countryside here. Yet I am primarily a studio artist. While much of my inspiration comes from the world around us, the majority comes from within. I believe that we are primarily spiritual beings, and as such we are intrinsically connected to all that is “Creation”.

I’m a big fan of beauty – that is my primary focus. Beauty is all around us. It can be seen as well as felt and experienced with all the senses. When creating a piece of art I draw from what I see in nature and what I see with the eyes of the heart. I am a student of the language of color and light. My passion is to express and impact the longings of the human spirit through this silent voice.

Although Limited Edition Giclee prints of much of my work can be purchased directly here on this site, my current work (the landscapes), are for the most part, only being offered for sale as originals - Going forward, no prints of these works will be made available. Of course I welcome any inquires regarding the purchase of original work or prints. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Locally I am represented by Yarmouth Frame & Gallery (see link). You can see a selection of my Landscapes there at any given time; if not actually on display they will be happy to bring them out for your viewing, answer any questions and generally facilitate your purchase. If there is a particular image of mine that interests you and is not in the gallery, they will be able to obtain it on short notice.



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